Starting to plan my WDW trip

I’ve registered for my races and I’ve finally decided on my hotel. Planning for my big 2014 WDW Race-cation in November is officially in full swing. And I’m really starting to get excited!!

Running the Wine & Dine Half to get my Coast to Coast in 2014 has ALWAYS been my plan. Running this race AND having an awesome vacation in Walt Disney World has ALWAYS been my plan. This has been my plan since I first started running in 2011 while training for my first half marathon (first half marathon being the 2012 Inaugural Tinker Bell Half). I was fortunate enough to go to WDW twice in my youth with my family. Now returning to WDW nearly 20 years later as an adult to run and have an awesome race-cation is a huge thing for me, especially since I’ll be earning my Coast to Coast medal as it will be my first. WDW trips and earning multiple Coast to Coast’s aren’t in my budget and those who are able to do so, I think that’s great. I’m glad that I’ll finally be able to join the ranks of the coveted Coast to Coast.

The 2014 W&D Half Marathon medal that I'll be earning. 5th Anniversary edition. It's a spinner!

The 2014 W&D Half Marathon medal that I’ll be earning. 5th Anniversary edition. It’s a spinner!

I will be able to do a day at Universal Studios as well. I can’t pass up going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I GET TO DRINK BUTTERBEER AND BUY MYSELF A WAND AT OLLIVANDERS!! HELLLOOOOOOOO!! And I just read that the Hogwarts Express will be completed this Summer so I’ll be able to go from Hogsmeade and Diagon Valley via the Hogswart Express. UMM HELLO!!

WWHP at Universal Studios

WWHP at Universal Studios

So that leads me to this…what are YOUR favorite places to eat at WDW? Please give your top foods/restaurants to eat at while at Walt Disney World. I will be getting the Disney Dining Plan while on this vacation, so I’m looking for suggestions on EVERYTHING! (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, quick/counter service, sit down, etc.) Oh, and please don’t suggest Via Napoli as it’s already been decided that I’ll definitely be going there as I’ve had too many people tell me their food is awesome. 😉


Packing for Tink

So I leave in 2 days for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and I have yet to really pack. I’ve pulled things aside, mainly clothes. The plan was to start packing a few days ago, but I’ve been working late hours and am tired. I did take the time to pack my snack/food bag. Yup, a whole bag just for snack and food! Not only will I be down in Anaheim for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend, but I’ll be staying for a whole week for a little Disney vacation and hanging out with friends and family.

A peak instead of my snack bag. What's in there?

A peak instead of my snack bag. What’s in there?

So what’s in my snack/food bag?


Go Picnic food packs- my friend Lianna posted that she bought some of these for her WDW Marathon trip last weekend and they looked pretty cool. I went on their website to find out more info about these Go Picnic boxes and immediately liked that they had so many varieties to choose from. They are basically a picnic in a box that contain individual portions of different snacks that are individually wrapped. They even have gluten-free and vegan options. I found them at Target and they were on sale, 2 for $7. I think I may have bought each of the variety’s that they had.


I was planning on buying my favorite Emerald cocoa roasted almonds, but when I went to the “nuts” section, I saw that Planter’s had their own version of mixed nuts in individual portions, NUT-rition energy mixes. I got the Chocolate Nut mix and look forward to trying it. I also bought some Clif Z bars in Chocolate Chip and Ice Oatmeal Cookie.

I also packed some Clif bars and of course my GU Chomps (for the actual race). Shakeology and my new Hamilton Beach personal-sized blender was a MUST. And I threw in a bar of Ghirardelli chocolate since I love my sweets.

Considering that I’ll be on the go for 2 days prior to the Tink Half roaming the Expo and the Parks, and then I’ll be on vacation for the week post Tink, I wanted to make sure to pack some snacks that would keep me sustained between main meals and not something that was totally junky. PLUS my snacks help keep my budget in control as we all know that food at the Disneyland Resort can add up.

Do you bring your own snacks when you travel or do you just wing all of your meals and snacks? What are your favorite snacks to bring when traveling?