“Don’t Call it a Comeback”

So I start this blog…then I run a Half Marathon (2013 Tinker Bell Half), then I’m on vacation for a week immediately after the Half (Hellooooo Disneyland Resort!), then I return back home and return to normal life and work and WHAM! Talk about busy bumble bee! Life has been so busy, that I basically forgot about my little blog that I just started. It’s been neglected so early in its existence and I do apologize, especially since I received such awesome feedback and support when I first launched my blog. I will do my best to post on a more consistent basis!

What is in the works for this blog in the near future? Mostly Recaps come to mind (my experience at the 2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon and at the Meet Up) and also my Training sessions. I’ve been focused on my training lately since I have some upcoming back to back Half Marathons (back to back to me….running 2 Half’s just one month apart from each other is the shortest gap that I’ve done in terms of running Half’s).

I’ve got a short race-cation coming up this weekend and I’m super excited! I’ll be running the San Diego Half Marathon this coming Sunday and I can’t wait! Had I known about this race last year (when it was the inaugural race in 2012), I would have ran it last year. I’ve heard nothing but awesome-ness about this race and I can’t wait to return to San Diego and have an awesome race-cation weekend with a great friend. Yes, race recap and blog post for the SD Half will be in the works as well. 😉