Finding that balance & SJR TRI GIVEAWAY

It’s been a long time, and my blog has been neglected. I started a new job a few months ago, and I’ve been in transition- taking everything in, and finding time to enjoy my life as best as I can. 
This new job has me now commuting into San Francisco. The first few weeks were tough- waking up way earlier and getting home way later that I was used to. Feeling tired and sleepy and getting used to public transportation. Needing coffee but not wanting to be dependent on caffeine. So on and so forth…
Since starting my new job, one thing that has been affected has been my training- my short maintenance runs and short workouts during the week. I was always good with keeping up my short runs twice a week since I was able to run around the neighborhood at my former job. But adjusting to my new schedule had left me tired and barely enough energy to get home, have a decent meal, and keep up with taking care of my apartment. 
How do you find a balance? From working full time, taking care of your kids/family, training/regular exercise, hobbies, etc. How do YOU find that balance? How do you manage to keep it all in check without amping up on too much caffeine, burning out from exhaustion, losing your head, and/or some combination of those all together? I tried to run immediately after work and just stay in SF but that would lead to dinner after the run, to me getting home late since the train headed back home wouldn’t be as frequent. 
Here I am trying to find ways to keep a balance with my 14-15 hour days and train for a bunch of half marathons coming up in the Fall…but how about those of you who are training for more? A Triathlon, perhaps? Not only do you need time to get runs in, but some swim, biking and brick workouts too! I can’t even imagine having to train for a Tri (I would consider a Duathlon, but I’m scared of open water so no Tri’s for me).
See Jane Run Tri / Du

See Jane Run Tri / Du

The kind people of See Jane Run (for whom I’m an Ambassador by the way) have graciously offered me to give away one FREE race registration to their SJR Triathlon taking place on October 5, 2013 in Pleasanton, CA! I attend their Half/5k event during the Summer and their events are always well organized and fun.
So, what do you have to do to enter? It’s easy! 
1. Comment below with the ways that you are able to find a balance in your busy life. 
2. Tweet or post on Facebook about this giveaway. You must link to this blog post. When posting on Twitter, please use hash tag “Cre8sSJRTri”. When posting on Facebook, please “SHARE” the blog post from the  Christine Cre8s FB page.
Deadline to enter the giveaway is Thursday- August 29, 2013 at 6:00pm Pacific. A winner will be chosen by and will be contacted via email. If winner does not reply back to claim prize within 48 hours of initial contact, then a new winner will be selected.