Race Recap: 2013 See Jane Run 5k

One week ago today, I ran the 2013 See Jane Run 5k for the second year in a row with my good friend Lianna. We had such a great time last year that we decided we would run it every year together to kick off summer. A friend/running/tradition type thing. And besides, who wouldn’t want to run for chocolate and champagne?

 We woke up early and got ready and drove to Alameda. We found parking in the same neighborhood as last year and walked to the staging area. Unfortunately, the park bathrooms were locked, so we had to head to the porto-potty lines. I checked in my bag and then we headed to the Starting line area.
The second year that we're running See Jane Run

The second year that we’re running See Jane Run

This year SJR added waves. YAY! Lianna and I decided to start in the 12-15 minute/mile group. We were going to take it easy and have fun with the race. (Lianna was going to be participating in the Mermaid Tri the following morning, thus playing it totally smart at SJR).
Good Morning, Start Line!

Good Morning, Start Line!

The course for See Jane Run Half and 5k is flat. An advantage for the first timers. Also, I love that it’s right on the waterway in Alameda. Lianna and I were doing intervals and just enjoying the run. As we were getting closer to Shoreline Drive, I heard cowbell in the distance and sure enough, it was our friend, Francis, ringing cowbell and showing awesome support for us!
Lianna and I totally took our time with the race, running and walking, just having fun with it all. My training hasn’t been the best, and she had a Tri the following day so there wasn’t any pressure at all to PR.
We made it and crossed the Finish Line together! We picked up our cute bling and enjoyed the festivities after the race. Thank you See’s Candies and Barefoot Wines for the awesome yumminess after the race!
We did it!  2013 edition

We did it!
2013 edition

I love running into friends at races. Shortly after crossing the Finish Line, I spotted Susan and we met up shortly after and had to take a picture in our SJR Ambassador shirts!
2013-2014 See Jane Run Ambassadors

2013-2014 See Jane Run Ambassadors

Got cowbell? Nothing like race support from friends! Thanks Francis for the support!



The motivating posters that SJR has are amazing. This one is my favorite and Lianna and myself have to take a picture with it every time.




Another awesome See Jane Run event is in the books! Chocolate, champagne, and more fun race memories with friends to add to the vault. Thank you for a fun and beautiful morning in Alameda.


I Ran for Chocolate... and champagne.

I Ran for Chocolate… and champagne.

Are any of my blog readers in Boise, Idaho? Or do you know of anyone in the Boise area? See Jane Run is having their annual 5k and Half Marathon in Boise as well and registration is still available for their June 22, 2013 event. Sign up and register and you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time. SJR puts on amazing events to women athletes on all levels. You get super cute bling, chocolate and champagne (in a collectible glass champagne glass for you to keep!). Check out the SJR Boise race page here.